Web Analytics Consultancy can be easier with Google Analytics

Web Analytics Consultancy can be easier with Google Analytics

Web analytics consultancies offer support to clients whichever web analytics tool they have implemented on their website.  The key is they understand the type of problems that their clients are facing and which data is required to solve these business problems.  However, given the costs of consultancy services, clients prefer work to be done quickly.  Cost is a clear barrier to signing for work with a consultancy, especially if the initial investment required is high before any return can be seen.

The paid web analytics tool like SiteCatalyst, WebTrends and Coremetrics offer a lot for your money.  With SiteCatalyst, you can implement over 200 custom variables of different types and configure the tool to link reports in whatever way is best for your business.  This level of customisation is amazing but it also leads to a very complex tool that can make it difficult to quickly extract usable information.  It is difficult to remember all of your options, how they interact, what are the best ways to get information out of the web analytics tool to answer the business questions that are being asked.  In order to answer these questions effectively, you need to be using the web analytics tool on a regular basis, learning the particular set-up.  While this is the job of a full time employee or the task that is set for a web analytics contractor, it can be a challenge for a consultant with a high daily rate who is tasked with a get in, get answers, give recommendations on actions to improve business performance and get out approach.

With that in mind, it can be easier for a web analytics consultant to work with clients who use Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a simpler web analytics tool in a lot of ways, it only allows five custom variables, events are less used and page names commonly default to the website URL structure.  However it does offer some powerful features which in the hands of an experienced and creative web analyst, more than make up for the lack of custom implementation.  With features like Advanced Segmentation and Filters, it is possible to quickly come to grips with the data and extract out relevant insights and intelligence.  Business questions can be answered and recommendations made for actions the organisation can take to improve business performance.

Beyond this, Google Analytics is also great for web analytics consultant to work with as the configuration is not that technical.  The options are not that many, create multiple profiles, strip out URL parameters, define internal search, create goals & funnels and create filters.  But with these few elements, amazing things can be done.  Without changing a single line of code, a non-technical web analyst can transform near unusable web analytics data into something that can highlight the key weak points of a website, account for both micro and macro conversion actions and detail what content visitors are most interested in.

The lack of complexity and standardisation of reports within Google Analytics reduces the amount of time a web analytics consultant needs to spend on learning the set-up for a new client.  They can use the available features to quickly get to the data they need, spending time on extracting insights from the data and identifying opportunities for actions that the client can take that will lead to an improvement in their business performance.  The initial investment required for web analytics consultancy is greatly reduced allowing organisations to dip their toes in and evaluate the potential return from investing in consultancy with minimal risk.  This benefits both them and the web analytics consultancy that has picked up the new business.


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How to Avoid Cold Calling Identity Theft Tricks

How to Avoid Cold Calling Identity Theft Tricks

Cold calling is when someone contacts you either by phone or by visiting your property directly, with the intent to sell you something by introducing you to a new product or service. Cold calling is a low cost and very effective way in which to get new customers, and so is a popular method used by a whole range of different companies from the traditional double-glazing outfits through to charities looking for new donators.

Telephone cold calling is regulated by authorities, and in the US you can add your number to a National Do Not Call Registry (run by the FTC), which can help to limit the amount of unsolicited sales calls you receive. However there is nothing to stop cold calling at your property, and the problem is that this method can be abused by identity fraudsters, masquerading as legitimate companies in order to gain access to your property to steal your valuables and identity. These fraudsters have a number of ways of obtaining your personal information from you, from offering you goods or services and taking down your bank account or credit card details for payment (which they will then misuse to run up charges on your account) to pretending to be from a utilities company so that they can scope out your property and steal cash, checkbooks, credit cards and other valuables.

It is very important that you avoid letting anyone into your property that you do not know, unless you can verify they are genuine and have a legitimate purpose for being there. If a person is claiming to be from the utility company check they are using a company vehicle and have an ID badge. If you are suspicious in anyway about them jot down their registration number and ID badge details and call your local provider to check they are with the company before you let them in. If someone calls wanting to sell you something then just turn them away politely, and if you are interested in buying anything from a door to door salesperson it is better to phone the company and arrange an appointment directly, as this will help to ensure the person at your door is who they say they are.

The Truth About Content Marketing

The Truth About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a new buzzword.  It’s spawned its own cottage industry; there are content marketing courses, experts, books, etc.  According to Wikipedia,   “Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty.”

That’s great and although I’m a big believer in content marketing, an important point to realize though is that content marketing existed well before this term was coined and well before the internet became such a dominate force.  At my firm our focus has always been on content, on valuable information that the public and the media can utilize.  Goodpublic relations firms have been utilizing content marketing for decades.  The concept is not a new one. It’s only the spin that’s different.  Similarly, media relations experts have been building and developing brands  long before the term “branding” became such a catch all term.

The emphasis on the approach, style and content are really not new, what is new is the mode of distribution.  Social media, blogging, online marketing.. those outlets are relatively new.  Still, they are the channels of distributing and disseminating information, they are not the information itself.

The new mantra is that “on the net content is king”, but in reality content always was.  Whether writing a press release, a white paper, or an article or pitching a TV segment, developing a good story and creating strong content have always been the bottom line.  An effective PR campaign has always depended on strategic content development.

The shift is in the medium(s).  Now you can deliver content via the traditional press outlets of TV, magazines, newspapers and the radio, as well as via blogs, vlogs, social media, and email marketing.  Using this combined approach a company can grow a business, build a brand, and develop a strategic reputation-building approach.

But keep in mind that a standard pitch or sales laundry list does not qualify as effective content. The job is to solve a problem, offer a solution, advocate a new idea, or reveal a new way to approach a problem. You want to be inspiring, thought provoking, and offer cutting edge approaches and effective solutions.  You can discuss what’s new and what’s next, but the bottom line is that your content is useful and speaks to your target market. How can you make your customer’s lives easier, happier, more time effective, more cost effective? Offer anecdotal stories that illustrate these points.  In this case content means value.

So, yes content marketing on the internet is an extremely important marketing tool, although social media and blogging are relatively new mediums, the basics of creating impactful content that tells a good story and offers value to the reader is as basic as marketing itself.  Content has always been king.

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Mobile Marketing and Mobile Fast Commissions

Mobile Marketing and Mobile Fast Commissions

Mobile Marketing is a fairly new phenomenon.  It originated in the early 2000s with the creation of marketing messages sent via SMS, or short message service, otherwise known as text messaging.  There are now many products promising to teach you how to do this type of marketing, and Mobile Fast Commissions is just one of them.  This mode of marketing started in Europe and Asia and quickly spread to North America and elsewhere.  There are several definitions of mobile marketing, as well as several types and ways to do it.

The term mobile in mobile marketing used to mean movable, as in booths that could be taken to road shows and conferences.  But since the advent of the ability to market on mobile electronic devices, the term has taken on a very different meaning.  Basically, it means marketing done via the medium of moble devices.  Other definitions might include delivering personalized messages through mobile devices or distributing ads through wireless networks.

Marketing via SMS was the first way to do this type of marketing.  Now, there is also MMS (multimedia message service).  MMS allows marketers to send messages with much more than text to devices such as iphones and smartphones which have color screens.

 Those of you with websites should learn about mobile web marketing, or creating web pages specifically for access via mobile devices.  Since devices have small screens that have difficulty displaying traditional websites, having a mobile optimized page can give you access to many more customers.

Mobile marketing poses challenges as well as rewards.  Privacy is important to people, and governments think so too.  Many have taken measures to regulate advertising so users don’t get spammed.  Most countries require or will soon require customers to opt in or double opt in in order to receive advertising.  These areas pose some difficulties for new mobile marketers.

Moble Fast Commissions is one training program that can help you learn to market to and through mobile devices confidently.  It is a 30 week training program created by Caleb U.  It also includes software which can aid in marketing efficiently.  In addition, there is 24 hour support if you should have any questions on how to impletment the training or on how to use the software.  This is a quality product that can get you great results.

It is understandable if you look at this product with skepticism.  But if you actually use the program and the software, you will get results.  Mobile marketing is a great way to expand or start your online marketing career.  

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How Does the Concept of Identity Theft Protection Work?

How Does the Concept of Identity Theft Protection Work?

With the rising use of the internet, it is easy for someone to steal your identity since many people have most of their personal information online. People make transactions online using their credit cards and if you deal with an unreliable seller, then the chances of your credit card information getting to the wrong hands are high. As much as we try to keep our information secured, fraudsters are able to get it one way or the other.

Identity protection services arise due to the need for people to have their information properly secured to avoid identity thefts. This is a service that is provided to you by a company that has all the necessary tools to stop identity thefts which you may not have at your disposal. This means that at a specified fee, the identity protector will keep your private data monitored round the clock.

The service is aimed at blocking any thefts that anyone may be trying as soon as they detect it. This way, you don’t have to deal with the effects of a stolen identity. You may not have the time to take care of your data but identity protectors have all the time to do so. Identity protection helps you to discover on time when your identity has been stolen so you can report to the relevant authorities. This way, further damage is avoided as you work towards recovering it.

Since you may sometimes forget and leave your computers vulnerable to malware, identity protection comes in handy to make sure neither you nor your computer is affected in any way. Unsecured computers are prone to mail address thefts, server information thefts and identification card numbers theft. Afterwards your friends may start to receive unwanted mails from your address, getting bills for purchases you never made or denied some services at your banks or other financial institutions.

Some people may be afraid of giving a third party the responsibility of protecting their identity but as long as the company is good, this remains the best option. It is better than staying without any strong safeguard.

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Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages
Many e-commerce sites have hundreds and hundreds of product pages, but very poor utilization of what is actually a powerful search engine optimization, link building and sales resource within their site. The product page is the last point before a consumer makes the decision to buy, and just as in the atmosphere of an ordinary shopfront, purchasers are looking for very specific things. Even if your website has heavy competition for the particular products you sell, there are some fantastic ways to ensure that your website is the one that gets the clicks, and that people ultimately make the decision to buy on. And here’s a tip – it has very little to do with whether your products are priced lowest.

Informative/creative titling
When people are flicking through newspaper headlines or blog posts, they use the title as the only indication of what they might want to read. The same is true of products in an e-commerce store. However, you do have be careful – a balance between precise description and creativity can be difficult to achieve. In search engine optimization terms, a domain with good credentials coupled with a precise match to a search term will get the closest to number 1 position. However, link building is also an integral part of search engine optimization, and people are more likely to link to creatively or compellingly titled items. Additionally, search engine ranking optimization is little value without associated conversions – you’ll need to do some A/B testing using your web analytics package to determine which title represents the best balance.

In a physical store, customers can pick up a product, turn it around and check it out from every angle. The stores that offer the closest approximation of this on the web are often the ones that get the best conversion rates; people are inherently fearful of wasting money on a product that might not be appropriate, and extra visual information helps to alleviate that fear.
Additionally, if you do your own photography of in-demand and widely sold products, there’s a likelihood that people will ask to license them; another platform to assist with link building and therefore search engine optimization.
Precise, functional descriptions

The description is the second most important part of your product page, after the images. Descriptions should fulfil several criteria for good search engine ranking optimization and link building potential, as well as for good conversion rates:

– They should include all of the important technical information that the packaging does

– They should include any information that people would usually ask a salesperson, if they were in store

– They should include an explanation of the benefits of this product

– They should include NO non-specific praise words – ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘effective’

– They shouldn’t mention the price – this should be displayed elsewhere, and people will either mistrust or skim over any discussion of how it compares to other stores
Include user-generated content

This can be comprised of ratings and/or reviews, and most importantly should not be censored. A single poor review in amongst five good reviews is actually worth more than those five good reviews … because it helps people to trust in the neutrality of the reviewers.

Comprehensible Office 2010 Features

Comprehensible Office 2010 Features

In every sense of the word, Microsoft Office 2010 is a big deal. There is no doubt in the truth that hundreds of billions of people use at least one of the programs in the Office 2010 family every day—in enterprises, small and medium-size businesses, homes, and schools. When Microsoft released Office 2010 to manufacturing on April 15, it kicked off an upgrade cycle that has now created a revolution and undoubtedly, will last for years together.

Of course, one of the reasons that make most people athirst to get a hold of Office 2010 is the price. A copy of MS Office 2010 Home and Student is just Rs. 3,700/- if you purchase it online. Comprehensible features give Office 2010 Home and Student users an academic edge, including prefabricated design templates and vivid effects that heighten the originality of any assignment. All the programs share a unswerving look and feel, so you can work proficiently whether you’re engaged in homework or any household task. MS Office 2010 Home and Student include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. With the help of OneNote 2010, it’s now effortless to make a digital notebook, capture and share text, images, video, audio — all your thoughts, ideas, and vital information in a particular, easy-to-access location. You can use Sparklines in Excel 2010 of Office 2010 Home and Student to design mini-charts that make it unproblematic to emphasize trends in expenses at a glance.

Powered with professional-level tools, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is another best-in-class version of Office 2010 that is designed to escalate performance across existing hardware, while also positioning you for future hardware novelties such as 64-bit chips, highly developed graphics cards, multi-core processors, and alternative devices. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional provides capabilities beyond compare to help you manage business environments without compromise. With Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, users get the advantage of using Backstage View, Web Apps, and SharePoint Workspace to network with essential business information and services, online and offline, without having to abscond from their proverbial Microsoft Office environment.

The ‘Accessibility Checker’ that scans documents for issues that will impact users with disabilities, ‘Retention Policy’- an archiving and withholding tool that is more yielding to users’ workflow with capabilities such as item-level withholding, user-created file application, and exception handling are other new Microsoft Office 2010 Professional tools and features. They help improve your capability to maintain acquiescence in a world of increasing information management demands.

Tips in Protecting Your Identity Against Thieves

Tips in Protecting Your Identity Against Thieves

In these modern times that we live in, sharing of vital personal information without taking necessary precautions should not be a common practice. This is because, there are a lot of identity thieves that can take advantage of the information you have provided, and either use it against you, or use it for them to gain a lot of benefits from, at your cost. Because of this protecting your identity should be one of your concerns to avoid becoming a victim of these unscrupulous individuals.
To protect your identity, there are actually a lot of things that you can do. However, you need to identify the certain circumstances first, in which your identity may be put at risk. One of the situations, which are taken advantage by identity thieves today, is through online submission of application letters and resumes. These thieves can innovate and make their own websites to gather necessary information from individuals. One of the things they take advantage of is the fact that a lot of people apply for jobs online. Thus, they may create their own online hiring agency websites, to achieve it.
After you submit your resume, they may ask you for other vital personal information, and when you do that, you may already become one of their victims. To avoid this, you need to properly check on the background of the online agency you are about to submit your information to. Check out how long they have been on the industry. Aside from that, you should also check if they are highly visited by people, or if they have already helped a lot of people in getting their dream jobs.
Another way these scams get vital information from people is by installing a number of virus or other malicious programs in certain websites or files, which people may access randomly. When you download the file or access a web page, a virus may already be planted into your computer, which will eventually start gathering personal information from it. This is bad news, since a lot of people today keep vital information in their computers. Aside from possible identify theft, the virus can also corrupt a number of your computer files, which will prevent it from working properly.
Having a virus infected computer will cost a lot of inconvenience on you. Aside from losing files or risking yourself to identity theft, it can also prevent you from getting some work done. This is the reason why you need to have proper virus protection software installed in your PC.
There are a lot of software programs that can provide your PC with adequate protection against viruses and identity thieves. To gain more information about these programs, you can actually take a peek at a website called Protecting Your Identity, and you will be presented with the information you need.

Killer Content For Internet Marketing

Killer Content For Internet Marketing

Professional copywriters call it killer copy, but for anyone involved with internet marketing, success starts with killer content. Let’s face it, marketing is about messaging, so if you can’t communicate your sales message to potential customers, they’ll never buy anything from you. When it comes to messaging, advertising pros talk about the big idea. Every promotion that you write and every marketing piece that you create must have a central, compelling core concept. This forms the central theme of the piece-everything supports it or helps to sell it.

Killer content makes the reader want to keep reading. It draws them in, and entices them with an implied promise of value, as long as they stay with you. With each word he or she absorbs, the reader must feel as though they are getting something in return for the time and energy they spend actually reading. By delivering on this implied promise, a network marketer can continue moving the reader towards the desired goal-a sale.

Everybody has problems, and everybody wants them solved. Creating killer content first requires that you clearly understand the problems that your target audience faces, and then that you have a solution in place to solve them. Begin crafting your marketing content by establishing the problem, and then focusing the pain. Do this well, and the reader who has this particular problem will be drawn into your copy and will begin to absorb your sales message.

Once you’ve gotten consensus on the problem-readers acknowledge to themselves that this problem exists and that it hurts-you can begin introducing how you will solve it. Of course actually solving their problem will require them to do business with you, but you make it clear that the solution exists. This is where good copy writing skills come into play. The more compelling and legitimate and exciting you can make your solution sound, the more likely it is that the prospect will buy.

For an example of how this is done, read any of the sales letters on web sites or blogs hosted by internet superstars. These people didn’t get wealthy by luck-they have been massively successful selling whatever it is that they are selling. And it all starts with a sales letter that brings people to the opportunity, engages them, resonates with them, and then convinces them to move to the next step.

If you engage in internet marketing, you work in an arena with unlimited potential. Learn how to create killer content, and you’ll also create unlimited success.